IsoTrans A 20400 Ultra Slim Loop Powered Signal Isolator

IsoTrans A 20400 Ultra Slim Loop Powered Signal Isolator
IsoTrans A 20401 P0

0…20mA Signal Isolator – 1 Channel

The Knick IsoTrans A 20400 Loop Powered Signal Isolator offers a max working voltage of 600V with protective separation up to 300V to EN 61140 by reinforced insulation according to EN 61010-1. Surge withstand is specified at 1kV 1.2/50μs according to EN 61000-4-5. It also offers a very low internal voltage drop of only 1.7V at 20mA. It’s also available as 2 channel compact device with a case width of only 6mm!

This product also offers a load stop option, here the current supplied at the primary side is maintained independent of the output load and thus any excessive load increase at the output can be compensated for.

What we like: Well it’s got to be the 6.2mm ultra slim case and if its space saving that you are looking for then you also have a two channel option this also reduces your cost per channel. Plus the load stop function option if required.
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