VariTrans P 42100 D2 TRMS Transducer with Voltage Inputs up to 1200V

VariTrans P 42100 D2 TRMS Transducer with Voltage Inputs up to 1200V
VariTrans P 42100 D2 TRMS - Output: 0…10V DC

The Knick VariTrans P 42100 TRMS Transducers offer a range of voltage inputs up to 0…1200V. The isolation system meets the requirements of EN61010-1 3.6kV AC/DC and protection against electric shock with protective separation to EN 61140. The rated isolation voltages also meet the requirements of EN 50124-1 this European Standard deals with insulation coordination in railways. It applies to equipment for use in signalling, rolling stock and fixed installations.

What we like: The VariTrans P 42000 TRMS Measurement Transducers have been specially designed for the measurement of potentially distorted waveforms at voltage levels up to 1200V. They reliably isolate high voltage potentials at the input circuit. The separation distances are designed to withstand permanent voltages up to 3.6kV AC/DC and fast transients up to 20kV. Protection against electric shock is achieved through protective separation according to EN 61140 between input and output and power supply. The user can specify the input range from 0…10V to 0…1200V and there are three DC output signal ranges to choose from 0…10V, 0…20mA & 4…20mA.
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