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Aranet4 Home
Aranet4 HomeAranet4 Home
Wireless Air Quality Sensor Covering CO2, Temperature & Humidity

The Aranet4 Home is an innovative battery powered standalone wireless sensor for monitoring indoor Air Quality including Carbon Dioxide (CO2), temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure it can be used within the home, office, gym, restaurant, classroom, college, meeting rooms, care homes and hospitals.

The device is portable, simple to install, easy to operate and lets you know when the monitored air quality has become unhealthy. This is not a cheap gimmick it utilizes a precision NDIR sensor using infrared measurement technology that monitors the concentration of CO2 which you can’t see or smell but the symptoms of inhaling too much CO2 include drowsiness, headaches and poor concentration.

Basic Accuracy of CO2 Measurements is: 30PPM ± 3% of reading with a range of 0 - 9999ppm

We are not going to claim that Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is life threatening after all we all breath in oxygen and exhale CO2 but sometimes that’s the problem because we all know that fresh air is good for us but in todays sealed buildings we often end up breathing in too much second-hand air – CO2!

What we like: The Aranet4 Home simply displays the components of good air quality for your own wellbeing, your children, students, colleagues or people within your care. It’s suitable for use at home, office, gym, restaurant, classroom, collage, meeting rooms and even care homes and hospitals. It’s a portable device so it can be moved from one location to the next and basically monitors your own personal living and work environment. It displays measured data directly via its super clear e-ink screen or you can view the last 7 days’ worth of data directly on your smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth using the Aranet4 app, this data can easily be shared using the app and stored as a record if required. The device provides a visual notification of high CO2 levels which can cause tiredness, headaches and loss of concentration, conditions that are not suitable for good health and your wellbeing.
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