GW Instek GOM-805

GW Instek GOM-805
GW Instek
Precision Milliohmmeters with RS-232C, USB & GPIB interface plus 6 different drive modes.

The GW Instek GOM-805 is a high precision benchtop milliohmmeters with a wide resistance measuring range and offering a measurement accuracies down to 0.05%. A wide resistance range is covered by 10 measurement ranges starting at 0…5.000mΩ with a max resolution of 1µΩ right up to 0…5MΩ.

What we like: The GW Instek GOM-805 is a simple to use 4 wire benchtop precision milliohmmeter suitable for use within the test laboratory, service department or integrated into a production facility. There are 10 measurement ranges with a measurement resolution down to 1µΩ. Resistance measurement via 6 different single methods DC+, DC-, Pulse, PWM, Zero and Standby.
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