Sineax U553

Sineax U553
Camille Bauer
Sineax U553 AC True RMS Voltage Transducer (U553-41F2-200)
Input:    0...120V AC
Output:    4...20mA DC
Power Supply:    24...60V AC/DC

The Sineax U553 AC TRMS Voltage Transducer is used for the measurement of AC Voltage. There are 2 standard input ranges of 0…120V & 0…500V. It’s able to accurately measure not only true sinusoidal waveforms but also distorted wave forms giving you a True RMS measurement of the AC input which is then converted in to a proportional 4…20mA DC output signal. The transducer is offered with a choice of two wide power supply options 24…60V AC/DC or 85…230V AC/DC

What we like: This Low cost high quality transducer is manufactured in Switzerland by Camille Bauer the World’s leading supplier of AC Measurement Transducers. Housed in a compact 70mm wide rail mount case with easy access screw terminals plus an accuracy of Class 0.5 makes its idea for your AC monitoring requirements
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