Sirax MM1400

Sirax MM1400
Camille Bauer
3 Phase AC Power System Monitor inc Harmonics with Simple Touch Screen TFT Display

The Camille Bauer Sirax MM1400 96mm square compact AC power system monitor allows you to view all your AC variables including harmonics up to the 56th.

What we like: It’s just now easy it is to operate this power system monitor via its simple touchscreen display that makes it such a great product, you can scroll to view all AC variables plus energy consumption, hours of operation, current & voltage waveforms plus individual harmonics up to the 56th. This unit also offers as standard a Modbus RTU interface.
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Sirax MM1400 Features
  • Display menu guided TFT touchscreen with digital and graphical presentations.
  • Clear unambiguous display of measured variables with titled screen views.
  • Automatic scrolling updates screen with each measured variable.
  • Active and reactive energy metering both import and export.
  • Monitor total harmonic distortion and individual harmonic content up to the 56th.
  • Compact Din 96 case size just 80mm deep.
  • Modbus RTU interface.
Sirax MM1400 Description
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